It's time for Stipe vs Cromier guys...

I think it would be a great fight.

Cromier vs Cormier is the fight to make. Loser leaves town.

I'd prefer to see Jon Jones vs Stipe. But I think Cormier and JJ would beat him.

If Stipe beats JDS and Cormier beats Johnson again I'm down. I know the UFC will hold out for DC vs Jones 2 though. 

I said that like a month ago.

Cormier could easily win both titles, same goes for bones 

Cromier vs. Croughnut

Won't happen Cain will get the next shot after jds

KoreanYachtTeam -

Won't happen Cain will get the next shot after jds

What in 2 years

Stipe Koes them both in the same night

This would be interesting, but I'd much rather see Jon Jones vs Stipe Miocic.

Jones came in at 238 lbs in his recent grappling match against Dan Henderson, so he definitely has the weight to take on Stipe.

Jon Jones is a guy who benefits more than most fighters from weight cutting and gaining back by fight time. He's got a size advantage against most opponents, so I'd love to see him go up against somebody who'd basically shut down most of Jones' size advantages. Even with Jones' freakishly long reach of 84.5", Stipe's reach is 80", so Jones would not have nearly as much of advantage here as he usually does, plus Stipe is probably stronger and hits harder than anyone he has ever fought. Jones would have a very hard time pushing Stipe around.

I'd also like to see Jon Jones vs Junior dos Santos.