It's time you all should know

I think it is time to finally cut you fellow PWFgrounders in on the biggest piece of PWF history.

Koma and I have had some of the greatest battles ever,but it has been nothing more than,a work....uh,sort of.

You see,this has been one year in the making(mostly because the lazy bastid doesn't know how to read e-mail)and it has become Kaufmann/Lawler Pt.2.

The sad thing is,I think he forgot about the fact that this was suppose to be staged,as I now have a really stupid fucking screen name.

Our "feud" though has really brought some good,since the thread count has finally jumed up passed 200.
This thread is happenin and hip,and is hotter than hot cakes babay.
Which was my intention the whole time,to be absolutely honest with everybody.

Now those of you sitting at your little computer desks are thinking,"WHAT!?"
Well,I'll explain.
Since I've moved away from my homies,I have nobody to talk to about Pro Wrestling anymore.
So when I come home from college,I want to be able to talk about pro wrestling if I wanted to.

So,now that I have said the truth,I can finally change my screen name right Koma?

In other words,no,I don't hate Koma.
It's actually been fun,and I hope he fuckin remembers the e-mail I sent about a year ago to stage something like this.
Afterall,I don't want to seem like a total loon.

*Goes and sees new Olsen Twins movie*


*Takes Floppy to see the new Olsen Twins movie*

Listen son, and given my history of banging crack whores you just may be mine, this was a 100% shoot!

You went one on one with "The Great One" and got your candy ass served to you on a silver platter!!

If I could sneak attack you over the internet I would!!

The best part of you was a stain on my boxer shorts!

The next time you feel froggy, don't jump my way.

*tells Koma's Bitch during middle of movie that I'm going to take a crap, creeps into the back row and masturbates to the scene when the sisters are going down a waterslide in a two person innertube*

Well Koma,that's very great and all,but why don't we talk about a girl you use to know.
A girl that you were quite fond of.
Let's talk about a girl named,Katie Vick!

The girl that somehow died in a car crash,that,uh,ah screw it.
I'm just gonna skip to the part where I have sex with the corpse.

Why is my name blue?


"Why is my name blue?"

Out of sheer pity b/c of the repeated ass whippin's I have laid upon you.

Actually thank Kirik.

I offered to buy your name but Kirik donated it. He witnessed your one sided beatdowns and felt sorry for you.

Well,I don't know what to say.
I mean,I could say thanks,but I don't want to come off as a wiener.

I do think this is cool,and I am very grateful.
Now I will really raise the level of total badassness on the PWF.

Now I have to find out how to post pics and gifs and movies and shit.