ITT: guess the next comical Reebok fuck up

Annnnnddd go.... Phone Post 3.0

Anatomically correct Reebok UFC action figures. Phone Post 3.0

Accidental shoe bomb ruins main event, bottom fringe of Anderson Aldo shirt. Phone Post 3.0

Child labor sweat shops. Several Sage Northcutt clones found in Cambodia making the fight kits. Phone Post 3.0

I'm hoping they go for random quotes. I will buy a t-shirt that just says:

"I will fuck Chuck!"

Laziest Reebok employee ever...

Willin -

Laziest Reebok employee ever...

Hah Phone Post 3.0

Company accidentally distributes Just Breed shirt, Jon Jones fathers ten children Phone Post 3.0

I'm thinking a Paul Felder shirt , but on the back has -

"Don't fear me.... Fear the consequences" Phone Post 3.0

Screws up the UFC logo, puts FUC...

Just got my new Sage Southcutt shirt

Personally I'm excited for the new Daniel "Rumble" Jones welterweight champion kits to come out Phone Post 3.0

Pay Malaysian sweatshop prices, get Malaysian sweatshop spelling