iTunes Podcast

For those with iTunes or Ipod Videos we now have a video podcast on the
iTunes Music Store:


I have a couple of vlogs that are on iTunes as well. Pretty cool stuff
actually having the ability to do this stuff now. I think I have like 35 videos
available for downloading.

hey lynn, what do we search for?

I have this thing on there called "Docmaker on the Go". It doesn't look anything like what my film stuff looks like. I just put up these short clips of things that I've shot over teh past few months on the streets of the Bronx. Some of it is of some famous Hip-Hop guys, some are just of life on the streets of the Bronx. I've gotten a lot of attention from it, been in some film festivals with some of them, in mags etc. Kind of funny actually. Lots of filters, transitions etc. but definitely different looking than my doc stuff.

cool, ill check it out.