Ivan Menjivar Contact Info?!


I need Ivan's contact info please..



email sent...

URGGGGG !!!!!!

Send it to me, i will forward it to him.


call 514-325-9486 ask for Ali Nestor he is the pres. of the UGC.Tell him that Liv gave you his #

damn that Ali Nestor

C, i forwarded him the e-mail bsf sent me, i will talk to him probably tonight at the gym, what's up?


UGC, you want me to call Ali? What should I say it's about? If you want to email me please:

deshaad@hotmail.com... by the way, who gets a crack at Yves in the spring ;-) ?

I am contacting YL2 about Ivan..... YL2, you got mail.



Chad, didnt you get my email ??

lol, ya mang i did, thanks bro... I'm just wondering what I'm supposed to ask Nestor about (if it was about Ivan, then I've already passed it along to yl2).


Ok cool. That is his email that I sent. He's on MSN messenger.

Chad you've got mail

Yves told me tonight he's fighting Kajun Johnson on dec 20 th

no bsf, Yves "THE TIGER" Jabouin....

Kajan has his wish, someone to stand with him..... how strong is Niko?

Niko is very strong.


o god this is bad

Kajun is fun to watch, but i have to stand by my teammate Tiger, Tiger by KO in the first.

I liked Kajun use of the jab. I think it was the first MMA fight that I have seen jab used as an effective weapon. Great guy as well.

Yves has some serious hands. I was at Lambam's place watching some UGC tapes and he has great striking skills.

Should be a great fight. Best luck to both.

Kaj has a pretty good chin, I'd be impressed if Yves could KO him, Thomson hit him good and couldnt, we'll see.

The hack says, just swing the right like a bat, it hits anywhere, its a knockout punch.


Who the )(*_&__&_(_()*_&_&)? is Lambam? did i ever met him ?