Ivan Menjivar-Lookout 145lbs Div.

Ivan Menjivar put on a show Sunday night against a very game Ryan Ackerman at the APEX show. Ivan pulled no punches and brought out his bag of tricks in the fight. He threw everything but the kichen sink, knees, low kicks, high kicks, elbows, punches, spinning back fists, and even a couple of stomps for good measure. Ryan Ackerman hung in there and delivered a couple solid shots of his own as well but Ivan overwhelmed him with a barrage of strikes. Ivan's performance was so well received that Stephen Quadros bowed down to Ivan in the post fight interview in the middle of the ring!!!

Ivan has a bright future in front of him in the 145lbs division so look out!!! When the APEX DVD comes out please pick it up as this fight and many others are well worth it.

If anyone wants to contact Aristeia Management/Ivan Menjivar for sponsorship or fights please e-mail info@aristeiafighters.com.

hell yeah!!!

The Menjivar fight was absolutely tremendous!!!

Thxs Kirik.

DOMINATION FIGHTWEAR is proud to be asociated with Ivan.

TTT for Ivan

also for Apex...when the DVD comes out you guys should all pick it up. Ivans fight was awesome, the Freaks fight was explosive and lets not forget Sims getting pummled in the surprise of the night!

Kirik I didnt know you were there...I would have said hey :(


That's exactly right Nathan. In fact, Quadros' first question to Ivan: "was there anything that you didn't hit him with?" LOL

Ackerman certainly earned my respect. He appeared to rock Ivan momentarily with a straight right early in the 2nd round.

As game as Ackerman was, Ivan just blew the doors off. One of the best performances I've ever seen in mma.

After 2 rounds of continuous action, Ivan did a successful backflip (Georges should take a couple pointers haha ). The guy's simply a ball of energy.

ps. Nathan, you forgot to mention the cool Ivan t-shirts. I got mine at the event. But, perhaps you can tell us if they'll be available on http://www.ivanmenjivar.com/ ?

Thxs Antico. Yes I did forget to mention the cool Ivan t-shirts and hoodies. We aren't quite sure how to sell them quite yet but we will be putting pics up on Ivan's website ASAP. In the meantime please e-mail us at info@aristeiafighters.com and we can work something out. Thanks Antico.


I've been a big fan of this guy for a long long time. He is the best slw in the business at the moment imo. He does everything extremely well(striking, grappling, defense etc) and there aren't any flaws in his game. I know it sounds like I'm riding his nuts but the kid is like a human highlight reel in every one of his fights.

I would love to see him fight pulver or kid yamamoto in the slw division. Sounds nuts but I'd bet on him to win either fight.

ttt for pride of el salvador.

ttt for Ivan!

At 145, Ivan is one of the best in the world.

It would be great to see him in there with the top 145ers such as pequeno, pulver, kid, sato or yoshiro maeda.

I would love to see the UFC start a 145 division with pulver vs. menjivar as the first fight.




It was a great fight! Ivan left no technique out of his game for this fight and Ryan took all of it. Congratulations.


Hi Nathan,

Well done to Ivan, sounds like a great match. Hopefully we can pull off what we talked about for Emmanuel Fernandez


Droc I will talk to the matchmaker this week. What team is Emmanual under? FTT or Team LeBanner? Antony Rea from Team LeBanner was there.