Ivan Menjivar/Pain Peters-Kickbox!

Just a thread to let everyone know that Ivan Menjivar and "Pain" Peters are fighting on a kickboxing card tonight.

Best of luck guys.

Kick some ass fellas !!!!

Menjivar by brutal Ground n'... er... Stand n' pound...

Kick Ass Boys.......


Can't wait to see them go at it!

Awesome...get some pics SOMEBODY.

kick ass fellas..


Great to hear Pain competing ! Good luck guy's.


Good luck guys.


good luck guys! results when available please!

Where are they fighting?

ttt for results.




Montreal is soooo lucky man.

There are times I wished I lived in Montreal.

Then Joe remembers he wants to stay married...

Yup...I still bring it up to her.

I've learned to defend a right slap very well now.

Results ???

The results are on the APEX: Theriault / Wonderboy thread, JHR.

Thanks Extendo :)