Ivan Menjivar-Press Release.



Montréal, Quebec - December 7th, 2004 (AM) :

Canadian MMA superstar Ivan “The Pride of El Salvador” Menjivar will be participating in a Pro kickboxing match at Bar Le Medley, in Montreal, Tuesday, Dec. 14th, 2004.

“La Renaissance du kickboxing” (The rebirth of Kickboxing) marks the return of Professionnal kickboxing in Quebec. Many MMA fighters will be featured on the card and Ivan is looking forward to giving the fans a good show.

A month after making his impressive Pro-boxing debut, Ivan is adding to his fighting experience by competing in his first American-style Pro-kickboxing match. Ivan is also 2-0 in Muay Thai kickboxing.

Tickets for this great event are on sale at www.ticketpro.ca or can be purchased at Le Bar Le Medley in Montreal. The Show stars at 7h30 pm!

To discuss issues relating to Ivan Menjivar’s fighting career, interviews, sponsorship or other questions pertaining to our services please contact us at info@aristeiafighters.com.

Congrats and Best of Luck Ivan.

Great work Nathan...


Thanks Shawn but this is all of Scott's doing. I'm just the lucky one to send out the "press release". Scott is working with the promoter to get other fighters on the card as well. If there is any news we will let everyone know.


Awesome! Keep up the good work Scott and Nathan. And best of luck to Ivan; it's always great to see a guy expand his competitive horizons like that.


ttt for one of the best 145lbs in the world

I read that Kid Yamamoto wants to fight for the UFC. Imagine Kid vs. Ivan at 145lbs!?!? fight of the century


Good Luck Ivan

Antico that match would be nutz!! I would have to a full bottle of Tums before and after the fight. It would not go beyond the 2nd round IMO.

What's next? Ivan vs. a bull? Ivan vs. a monster truck? Ivan vs. the 7th fleet?

Is there nothing he can't/won't do?


Ivan is the man! Can't wait to see him in action again!

Rene I hear you.

Ivan is a true fighter in every aspects of the game. He loves to train but really loves to fight. He was put on this earth to fight and entertain us while he is doing it.

I'd like to see Ivan vs. 5 pounds of Goat Meat.... awesome.


way to go ivan.

If you can, I would really recommend coming and seeing this show as there will be a lot of talent on this show. Raoul Doucet is an excellent kickboxer and will be headlining this event. Also, a potential future SUPERSTAR in kickboxing, Stephen Thompson will be competing.

I've heard a lot of names of who else is competing, but I don't have any confirmation. If half the names I heard actually compete, then this will be an awesome show.

I know the kickboxing world pretty well and I would have to say if your interested in the sport at all....Watch Stephen Thompson he's GOOD.........



ttt for Ivan!

Shawn knows what he's talking about when it comes to kickboxers, so I recommend you follow his advice and come see the show!