Ivan Menjivar T-Shirts?


Aristeia Management is in works now with a couple of partners on developing an Ivan Menjivar t-shirt for his fans. We are just wondering now what kind of demand there would be from the fans across Canada? We do not have a price for the shirts as of yet but I would imagine the range would be $25-$40.

Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated and I mean any!!

I'd get one!


As long as your ugly face isn't on it, I'm in...

$40 is a bit steep, but I would still buy one if I knew it went towards supporting Ivan

Just sell the shirts, mine sold out in 25 minutes. People bought my shirt and I don't even think half of them even liked me or knew who I was.


JHR $40 is very steep. I'm just setting people up for the worst.

Sean thanks for the feedback. We will be going ahead with the t-shirts no matter what. Just looking for feedback.

"I don't even think half of them even liked me or knew who I was"


Family reunions can be tough bro...


Sean if you make some more let me know novagallia@aei.ca

I'm sure that an Ivan T Shirt would be hugely popular in the American Latin market.... Especially after Ivan puts Serra away in June..... :)

Go Ivan Go !

I want an Ivan t-shirt.

40$where am I going to get 30$ why do you need 20$ for?