Ivan Menjivar

Ok i heard things bout this guy but all ireally know for a fact is that hes going to get smoked like a chronic blunt by serra, i heard there is a highlight video of him somewhere, if someone can please link that that would be great, thanks.


you re DEAD wrong sro69! YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!!!!

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you "heard there is highlight video of him somewhere"

so you have never seen him fight and don't know anything about him but you know for a fact that he will get smoked

You will be proven wrong win or lose Serra is in for a war and because Ivan is so hungry for this I say Ivan

sure kkm's sure

Taking trolling to a whole new level by saying "I know NOTHING about this guy but he's losing"...Genius.

Once again, I ask, what kind of fighter is Menjivar? I'm not asking to hear alot of "He's great! He's great!" or "He stinks! He stinks!" Does he favor submissions, boxing, or ground and pound? What's his training background?

He's well rounded in all areas. The best part about his wrestling is his sick throws, the guy is aggressive and unorthodox. He is willing to try a new move every match.

That being said I don't think he will run from Serra on the ground so this fight should be exciting.

Menjivar is legit. His only two losses are to Jason Black and Vitor Shaolin, right? The Black loss was bad (he got tapped in a couple minutes), but Menjivar is a guy who can fight all the way down at 145, while Black is a solid 170. Supposedly, his fight with Shaolin was a close fight, and Shaolin is top 3 at 155.

Serra/Menjivar will be a great fight.

The fights that I have seen of his I would say his strongest asset is his wrestling and knowledge of submission and when he goes for sub's it is fast and agreesive. I think Matt will have a hard time taking Ivan down and think that this will give Ivan the ability to decide what type of fight this will be. Ivan has good skills on his feet and I would say he has a large advantage being as Serra is definetly not a good striker

I saw a few clips of him fightin btw but i never saw his highlight vid haters so stfu.

Menjivar will win.

Trust me.

"Menjivar will win.

Trust me."

...still waiting for your email to confirm our bet! ;)

Serra has submitted who??

Kelly Dulanty......yea he's gonna tap Menjivar




Ron, we'll have a gentleman's bet.

Order UFC 46. Ivan will not disappoint.

Mental is 110% right.

Gentleman's bet?

Is that another way of saying that you are scurred? ;)

Don't worry, I still love you even if you are afraid to bet...