IVC tapes for sale - NEW

Hey guys, I got to clean out my place, so I got a few things for sale.

Since I won't be watching them anytime soon, I'm selling my IVC tapes (Int'l Vale Tudo Cahmpionships) from Panther Productions. All of the folloing tapes are BRAND NEW!!! and still in the plastic wrap. Never got around to opening them.

I only have 1 copy of each. $3 each or if you want the whole set $25.

Tapes: 2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10,11,12, and 13 only

Back of the box:

"Panther has been chosen as the exclusive distributor of Brazil's prestigious International Vale Tudo Championships. These dynamic shows are Brazil's greatest no-holds barred events featuring incredible matches by top Brazilian Vale Tudo and jiu jitsu fighters! All shows feature American fighters brave enough to do battle with Brazil's best! IVC is a Sergio Batarelli Production."

Email me at jcj_8p@hotmail.com


BTW: if anyone wants to buy any karate or aikido books, got those too. Won't be needing them, just keeping the judo and BJJ!

You've got mail!


P.S. : I'd take the whole set.

Any porn?

It's for JHR's Christmas present.


i sent you an e-mail too.


lambam get off this thread, I'll give you $30 CDN for the works,

ttyl, Greg Compton