I've been noticing a lot of fat Asians lately

I’m honorary Asian and at least half of my diet consists of Thai and Vietnamese dishes so I see a lot of Asian folks on a regular basis. Twenty years ago I was dating an Asian chick and surrounded by them on a daily basis and If I had to wager a guess, I’d say that maybe 10-20% of them were fat.

These days, every other one I see is fat or obese. I even saw a morbidly obese Asian family last night when I went to pick up my Bun Bo Hue. I think they got into a white Tesla Model X that had georgia tags. It was 3 generations of lardassedness.

Are the rest of you experiencing the same thing in your area?

I’m in The South, so it could just be that most people are fat here.

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you assholes taught them about frying everything with a pound of flour.


Boba tea is super sugary

The most glaring thing I notice about Asians these days is how many of them wear masks outside

Growing up I never really saw a ripped/jacked Asian…

They were either skinny or fat, there wasn’t much middle ground.

(I grew up in a high concentration of hmong)

Asians in East Asia are rarely fat. Asians in the US are often fat. But all races in the US are often fat. You work it out…


westen diet is bad for everyone


Screen names does not check out

FYI Obesity is rising in China. Filipinos tend to more obese than other Asian groups.

You have done this exact thread before.

Either that, or I’m high on oven cleaner. Took an air fryer completely apart and cleaned it today

They rack disciprine


It’s very odd to me as Asian moms and grandmas were always harping on everyone when they got the least bit squishy. They even did it to their kid’s friends. I love older Asian ladies.

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ATTN @theraskal . We need your input on Beasts from the East.

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conferred as an honor, without the usual requirements or functions

I lack the required ching-chong, so that’s why I used the term. But legit Asians granted me the honor, so I happily and graciously accepted.

I’m honestly surprised obesity hasn’t been a bigger problem in china for much longer that it has given their gluttonous nature.

I bet filipinos get fatter because they share genes with mexicans.

I think you’re high. I did a search before making this thread because it definitely seem like a thread I would create. Maybe you just know me too well?

thanks to my good efforts, you are NOTICING them because you never QUESTIONED what was always parroted before

There are FAT Orientals, Criminal Orientals, LIBERAL/CONSERVATIVE Orientals…they know the same full range of humanity as everyone else and if you think ALL ORIENTALS are the MODEL immigrant then that is very RACIST because you aren’t seeing the same human as everyone else.

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…I just finished off a BIG plate of Pad Thai and you know what that is? a BIG PLATE of FATS and CARBS!

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This plus little exercise doesn’t help

I see lots of fat people of all races and both genders. I’ll catch myself almost disturbed when I’m out and 75% of the people around me are overweight and/or obese

I’m Asian. I live in a very Asian part of southern California. Most of us are still fairly slim people.

What you are seeing in your neck of the woods is the southern fried chickenization of Asians.

I’m not into the BBW/jabbathehut level of female, but I will admit that I have a thing for the slightly overweight chunky/thick Asian bietches.

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^I see ALL types…FAT…SkinnyFAT…HuskyFAT…HARDgainer

and the food is a lot of FATS and CARBS and WILL MAKE YOU FAT if you are eating NOBLE portions and not peasant portions