I've Found that Boring-Ass prelims Wear me out for the Main Card!

It’s like attrition after FF through hours of UD prelims, then the 1st fight of main card looks like it’s going to a decision.

I then FF through the MC and end up not even enjoying the event.

I’m now just gonna watch main card.

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prelims is good for taking a nap

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i used to skip prelims, then i stopped recognizing people showing up on main cards. now i watch it all. when i met randy couture i didn’t bother talking to cain Velasquez cause he was new. hindsight is a bitch.


OP. If you really don’t like mma. Watch something else. Figure skating perhaps?

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I don’t like BAD’s.


But talking that shit to me, you must love the chick fights too.

Im tuning in at 1pm. Caio Borrolho and Belal/Brady.

I find most of the main cards are better or more closely matched fights, with ranked fighters. Sometimes the finishes (more exciting finishes) are on the undercard. You may not get the name recognition, but it’s the future names.

Nah every now and then I might stumble upon a thread where somebody is whining bitching complaining. Just seems like a real negative debbie.

So I’ll just criticize them and make fun of them.

You criticize. I criticize. It’s all okay right ?

I almost always unfollow the thread. But you responded to me so I got a notification.

hope you enjoy the fights :kissing_heart: