I've Never Had a One Night Stand

To be honest I think it's nasty that many guys will get drunk and stick their penis into some dirty bar sluts vaginal crevice. Like if you were able to fuck her that night, how many other guys came before you?

What do you dirty dogs have to say for yourselves with your warty dicks and occasional herpes flare ups? Phone Post 3.0

Is this an offer?  Where are you right now?

You mean not with a woman

better get on that homie

Phone Post 3.0

Lol @ them always being drunk. You don't need alcohol to have a one night stand. I prefer them being sober anyways. If they are too drunk and I'm sober... Then ill wait for another night. Now I'm engaged and happy, so I have no desire for strange anymore, but I'm sure glad I got as much as I can before I committed last year.
Btw I'm 32 Phone Post 3.0

Don't knock it til you tried it bro

Don't knock it until you try it.

maybe a one night kneel?

I'm sorry.