I've never hated anyone more than

that musician guy on Miami Ink last night who got his son's name tattooed on his stomach. If you saw it I think you'll agree.

he was just a little weird, thats all.

For some reason he really bothered me.

I didn't see it, but I agree with you.

I haven't seen any episodes this season.

If you can somehow find this one you should check it out. I would imagine this guy would be a tattoo artists worst nightmare.

Not sure if its the same guy Im thinking of....but a while ago there was an episode with a musician and they showed his vied for, "Chain smoking in my bath tub." It was horrible.

I know who you're talking about - it wasn't that guy. That guy seemed cool although his music was terrible.

he was a little weird i probably would have tattoed a cock somewhere on him

im sure mario knows what im talking about

the fuck is lucky it wasn't ami tattooing him

They just replayed it and I HATE that guy now too.


I could understand him wanting it to be the perfect size... I just hate how fucking weird he was.

i am sure he hates you too. I personally dont spend my energy hating people I have never met.

I liked him, he seemed like a genuine positive guy.

"I personally dont spend my energy hating people I have never met."

I normally don't either, but just take my word on this one.

actually i highly doubt he hates me

no he hates you. I know he does

I seriously laughed out loud when he demonstrated his own language he made up. 

..nothing is quite so useless as a language that only you can understand.