I've Noticed..

that a lot of the kids I get these days in Judo class seem to be familiar with armbars and leg bars. I think it must be the influence of watchign Pride/UFC/etc.

I mean, I had to get on a kid for doing a rolling knee bar takedown on another kid. And they were both yellow belts!

Most recently, I was teaching juji gatame and I had a couple of beginners who looked like they had done it before. Same with hadaka jime, they really like that one.

All the want to do is ne waza and ne waza randori.

Just thought I'd share.




Plus, those kids are idiots.


Idiots indeed, but I've given them my best lecture on not doing rolling knee bars to each other, spirit of Judo, the rules, "cheap" technique, etc.

Hopefully my wisdom is not lost on them.


"How could it be lost on them, Ben?"

rolls eyes, struggles to hide derision

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"How could it be lost on them, Ben?"
rolls eyes, struggles to hide derision "

Perhaps my gentle, self-effacing delivery of lecture material is the wrong approach...


I, somehow, doubt that very much, Ben.

I am now falling asleep, and as I nod off, I am falling forward, and my forehead is hitting the keyboard. The resulting garble is somewhat more entertaining that what I would write if I were totally lucid.

What was all that about 1000 monkeys on a 1000 typewriters?

Oh! Thats vague.

Enjoy your little ones Ben,
God Bless your entire family

Thanks, Ashy.

Try taping a mouse pad to your forehead, it keeps the keypad impression down to a manageable size.


they are not CHEAP... rolling kneebars, when done well, are a thing of beauty.

but i wouldnt expect a meere judoka to undertand that!!!!

(BTW did my snobbyness full come through, i hope it did, i tried very hard to make it work.. i hope ashy approves).

Joshua, I found your post to be sufficiently snobbish and I was even slightly taken aback. Kudos on a job well done.

I do believe that Ashy has been a most positive influence on this forum lately!


You are very kind. There are many decent people on this forum, isn't there, and, why shouldn't there be? There are decent people everywhere, I suppose.


Josh, my good man,

I agree with you, both in language and tone. You were right to look down your nose at Ben. And the rest of us would be well advised to follow suit. We could start a club of some sort, and put out a monthly newsletter, questioning Ben's grasp of the importance of personal hygiene, or brutally criticizing youtube footage of his forthcoming judo matches.

But honestly Ben, I'll bet you are a great coach. Rank odour or not. lol

Dogmeat 1,

As I ominously said to a complete stranger on the street the other day, "the tide is turning, my friend."
They had no idea that I was referring to the rise of the judo submission artist.


i think they said "the tide is turning, my friend" both in Indonesia and New Orleans as well.

I don't know how tall Ashy is, but Josh, I know you can't possibly look down at me, even in the high heels you favor as fashion.

As for RGoodfellow, his height is unknown to me at this time.



Nice side-swipe re: Josh's occasional tendency to cross-dress. Take THAT, Joshua Michael Resnick!

I am 5'10. 6'2 with a combination afro/mohawk. Were I 6'8, I still would not look down my nose at any of you gentlemen. My jokes are only funny, in my mind, if they are based on the absurd opposite. For instance, if Josh really did cross-dress, then the joke becomes an insult, and ceases to be funny.

If I make, what sounds like an insult, it is meant to be an opposite, back-handed compliment.



LOL, I can take a joke Ashy. You are a gentleman and a scholar, not neccesarily in that order.


"As for RGoodfellow, his height is unknown to me at this time."

You know, that's a question that has baffled scientists for quite some time.

What it really boils down to is this: my wife, who as you may know, is an attorney, claims to be 5'9". I also claim to be 5'9". However, in pictures I'm clearly a solid inch taller than her which would make me 5'10". Yet doctors consistently measure my height at 5'9". My litigious wife, refuses to believe that she might be the disgraceful height of 5'8" and she can create a compelling argument for her being 5'9"--enough to convince the US Army to measure her height at 5'9" every six months. This clearly makes me 5'10" despite the fact that I'm 5'9".

As you can see, the whole thing is pretty complex and has been featured on the show "Medical Marvels" on two separate occassions.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that with the US-CAN exchange rate, I'm like 6'5" or so.

"LOL, I can take a joke Ashy."

Wow, I tiptoed around the issue with several paragraphs...and you hit the nail on the head with a short phrase. Thanks. Ben, you have clearly proven your joke-absorbing ability. I wanted to ensure you that they are just that.

"US-CAN exchange rate, I'm like 6'5" or so."

Either way RGF, in Canada, you are a very big man indeed.

"...has been featured on the show "Medical Marvels" on two separate occassions."

RGF, you mean to tell me, that the producers of the show, featured your rare condition on one occasion, became so frustrated with their inability to deal effectively with the material, that they brought you back a SECOND time? Wow!

"Remarkable," he quips in the spirit of the mercurial Spanky.

Okay- i could not let this one pass.

here is how you handle 6'8"- kick them really hard in the knee caps and
when they fall down you can look down your nose at them very easily.
remember I trained Resnick and I fostered that mean streak in him, so if I
can come up with this I am sure he can out do me now.

BTW - I also noticed that my fighting squad - ages ranging from 8-15
are all knowledgeable in the area of submissions. I had to either deal with
a mistake done with something they saw on TV or teach them out right.
MMA has definitely changed what the future holds for us folks and we can
either grow in that direction and hold on to our unique nature or we can
be left behind. Which do you chose? Also, my kids will be whipping on
chokes/arm bars fast as hell when they hit the right age.


Should the Canadian exchange continue to hold up I will be moving there
and expecting to permanently maintain a height of 6'8"-- exactly the 20%
average that seems to be a constant in the exchange rates.

and, for the record... i am comfortable enough to admitt that i sometimes
don the same garb as females. t-shirt, shorts and judogi.