I've stopped playing WoW, need new game

Now that I've stopped playing WoW I have a lot of extra time....

I also beat Fallout 3 (fantastic game) but none of the DLC. Anyway, I need a new game to get involved in for a while. I love shooters (good ones), strategy, RPG, just about anything.

I have a PC, XBox 360, and a DS.

only one thing to do fren

wait for The Diablo 3 to release

i just bought rainbow 6 vegas 2 for the PC off direct2drive.com for 19.99

fun game. you get xp and get to customize your character. i need some people to help with the terrorist hunts.

actually anyone on the GG with a PC should grab it. 19.99 u cant got wrong. be fun to do terrorist hunts and some death match together. every rank you get more gear and weapons. i got specialist this morning. i like to use the heavy weapons. my main is always a LMG and and the little UZI type SMG for backup.

team fortress 2

(www.teamfortress2.com watch the vids)

full time job?

Congratulations on quitting WoW, its tough. It's fun when your playing it but when you look back it's like WTF?


Oblivion is not fun at all compared to WOW imo.

Well I never played WoW but Oblivion is definitely fun

I play a ton of xbox since leaving WoW.  I didn't want another WoW, that's why I stopped playing it.  If I wear you I would just start going through bargain bin games for the next few months until the major releases start to hit in September