Ivermectin- effective or not?

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Are some of you guys kidding about taking ivermectin horse paste? If you are, get the real stuff from an online pharmacy. These things are generic and have been in use for over 50 years. Low incidence of adverse affects. Or better yet go to FLCCC.net and find some references to an online doctor who’ll prescribe to you. I feel like I’m the only person that watched the Rogan/Weinstein/some other dude ivermectin episode.

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Joe Rogan caught the China virus and took ivermectin.

Joe, if you’re reading this please chime in, we’d like to hear your experience.

Thats an interesting site…looks like the better option would be proxalutamide.

If only it were that easy… for a Canadian at least…



Gentlemen, as promised here are the prices as supplied by the pharmacy and shippers:

  1. Ivermectin (as per the photos, 6x6mg tabs) is $13.

  2. Shipping, they are charging me $15 to ship.

Let me know.

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what pharms are shipping?

That site actually gives preventive plans and plans for if you get it too.

one of the issues they’re having is many Dr’s are charging people for online consults and prescribing ivermectin, but the pharmacies won’t fill the scripts

This is true. CVS and Walgreens are no longer supplying it. FLCCC has a list of pharmacies that are still supplying it but the government is pressuring them to stop. Might be best to go overseas and mail order the thing.

Depends on the state. Some pharmacies can deny a RX completely. Some can deny it but have to refer another pharmacy and some can just say no but that is for “personal/moral beliefs” ( think pregnacy terminating RX )

But for regular RX, even opiods, nah they can’t deny a script if its from a doctor. If they try to say “its on backorder” then they should be calling up other pharms to see who has it in stock

cvs and Walgreens are as far as I’ve heard

It took like 4 months but I finally got mine. I see no other way to get the pill form here other than from India.

This guys FLCCC’s. Good stuff.