Pravda in full effect… lol

And that’s the crux of the problem. The more Ivermectin is conflated with anti-vaxxers and being only a “horse dewormer”, the less likely doctors might consider it as a potential treatment. They won’t want to be associated with a controversial drug.

Much better choices available with less side effects than lethal injection drugs.

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MSM is a fucking joke these days, so disingenuous to keep calling this animal medication.

Interesting body language observation - at 1:47 Elf Fauci is answering a question about if young healthy people need to get vaccinated. His mouth says absolutely, his head shakes no. His subconscious knows he is lying through his teeth.


interestin observation.



As someone who grew up around country people I can tell you taking meds bought from the coop isnt new. I have never heard of anything happening to anyone that didnt overdose or do something stupid. For years body builders were getting horse steroids and taking them, although I did hear of one guy who got some sort of infection from taking them.

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On the OG anybody under 250 pounds and under 50 is “young and healthy”.

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Way to dodge the observation :wink:.

The data available says age under 50 and not obese puts you at much lower risk.

So if you’re 48 and have a BMI of 27, chances are you should be fine (with the understanding that anomalies occur).

If someone was 250 lbs (unless extremely tall) chances are their BMI would be over 28 and they would have higher risk.

Glad I was able to clear that up for you.


Is that still true with Delta? It’s affecting much you’ve people now.

Average white 48 year old American male probably has a bmi that puts them in the obese range. They are just surrounded by so many other lardasses they don’t realize it.

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I don’t disagree that there are a lot of fatties around. If someone is under 50 and fat, I think they should get the vaccine. People need to be honest about themselves and their risks.

I think BMI is of limited use because it doesn’t factor in above average muscle mass, but as a general Covid risk analysis tool, it’s a good idea to plug your height and weight into a BMI calculator and see where you stand.

If you’re truly fit and healthy with an acceptable BMI and are under 50, you should be fine without the vaccine. If you’re fatter than you thought, you may want to get it.

i doubt its the strain. I think the vaccines are just useless. Pfizer and others are on record saying their vaccines were 90+ % effectvie against delta.

they just lose their effectiveness over a short time.

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Hey, anti-vaxxers you have a new ally!

(Hint: Whatever side this guy is on for anything, you probably want to be on the other side.)

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Nobody is an “anti-vaxxer”, you hysterical queer…


Even if you are able to get a RX for Ivermectin good luck finding a pharmacy that will fill it.

Putin and Kim spot on regarding the vaccines.

I don’t think someone who doesn’t want to get vaccinated is against other people getting the vaccine, most people getting the vaccine is against people refusing to get vaccinate, can you understand the difference between both cases?

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Fake news in free fall… few rubes still falling for it.