Why is the CDC giving it to refugee’s if it doesn’t work? Why is the FDA in clinical trials with it if it doesn’t work? Do you ever get tired of looking foolish. The truth is you have no clue if it works or not. You’re just being an asshole and beating off to someone else’s tragedy. If you get Covid and end up in the hospital does that mean we get to laugh at you and tell you how the vaccine doesn’t work?

Anti-vaxxer is a propaganda piece created in a board room.

Is “their style” executing anyone who tests positive?

They’re probably giving it to refugees for its original intended use. Parasite control…


I don’t know if we have enough caskets if it truly kills all the parasites we brought in.


Badum tssh


LOL… FYI Putin gave his daughter the “experimental” vaccine (Russian covid vaccine - Sputnik) before clinical trials finished.

I’d give her the jab too

Russia on Tuesday became the first country to officially register a coronavirus vaccine and declare it ready for use, despite international skepticism. President Vladimir Putin said that one of his daughters has already been inoculated.

Putin emphasized that the vaccine underwent the necessary tests and has proven efficient, offering a lasting immunity from the coronavirus. However, scientists at home and abroad have been sounding the alarm that the rush to start using the vaccine before Phase 3 trials — which normally last for months and involve thousands of people — could backfire.

I am sure Putin wouldn’t mind sharing her daughter as a guinea pig :slight_smile:

It would be the best two minutes and four inches of her life.

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Smart Russians and Chinese use viral vector vaccines and let the globalists test RNA vaccines with proprietary unnamed substances on the west as guinea pig trial runs. Putin is smart.

Guess what, J&J is viral vector vaccine… so it must be good then? :wink:

Nope… too much blood clotting and Guillain-Barré for my liking in a non FDA approved experimental vaccine. Not worth the risk of a vaccine with limited effectiveness vs getting Covid (just take the more effective and no side effect Ivermectin).

If you are going to take one in the west… the Johnson and Johnson would be the best choice though. But you will be forced to get boosters for this one shot vaccine in the future as the desperate push for global vaccine passports is in full force from the Rockefeller founded, globalist medical associations and unelected technocrats involved. They constantly move goalposts.

Best to not even deal with the US vaccines and opt for a foreign one if you feel you must.


Seems US ordered a lot more of the Moderna and Pfizer than J&J making it harder to find J&J in some states.

True… the people that I know in the medical field that took it to save their jobs had to travel to get JandJ while the others were readily available.

I believe Ivermectin is the best ionispore available, lets zinc into the cell to protect it. Zinc doesn’t readily cross the cell membrane and limits zincs protection.

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Would you rather be infected with an experimental virus or experimental vaccine? last time I checked the ivermectin routine is like everyday right? how long do you expect to be on ivermectin, especially since the experimental virus isn’t going a way.

You’ve posted at least 4 fear porn articles about Ivermectin. You would think you’d know the dosage.

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Lol @ this train of thought.

And some of you continue to engage idiots like this


I tested positive on the highly fickle PCR test for this CCP virus. I was fine by day 3. I have had the common cold five times as bad. I probably ran more miles during this time off of work than I ever have due to sheer boredom.

I will gladly risk infection every year over any weird experimental shots that are being not only coerced with donuts and lap dances, but now mandated in order to work or buy food.