Lol @ anyone that isn’t worried about a mysterious experimental virus that came from a lab but instead are worried about vaccine that is designed to save as many lives as possible.

Like I said, you’re an idiot

No… its not everyday for ivermectin, maybe vitamin D and other minerals but not ivermectin. I have a different perspective as most people I am surrounded with on a daily basis got Covid already so we have superior immunity to vaccinated folks.

The vaccines aren’t working.

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You’ve been blessed by the CCP

And the US, Canada and various globalist from western countries working on this project. The CCP would be nothing without the Davos elites favoring and lifting them out of their backwater to a place in the international community… the Fauci folks are just as guilty as the transnational criminal organization (CCP). They need to be held accountable for the deaths and economic ruin they planned and intentionally carried out with this lab created Covid virus.

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Screen name checks out

Seriously, I am not fan of pharma companies, no one is. But for the most part we have government regulations that put them in check, which for the most part protects everyday citizens like you and I. It is not perfect, but it is the best we have. I am also not a fan of Fauci… I think the guy is playing semantics with his gain of function definition and I believe he should be formally questioned and held accountable for partially funding the Wuhan lab.

This is why I believe the government has told Novavax not to submit for EUA. There’s no reason they haven’t, the government has way more mRNA vaccines then people are willing to take. So they’ve started boosters etc


I love when people out themselves as completely ignorant this way. It’s hilarious.


Government regulations are often dictated by the highest paying lobbyists, which happen to be the pharmaceutical companies… they lobbied so smart in the early 2000’s that you can’t sue them or hold them criminally accountable if any of their drugs harm you, or everyone. So the governing bodies that accept this money, and make these laws don’t really care about your well being.

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