Ivermectin was shown to reduce the rate of viral replication in April of 2020

Why was this never reported or even considered as a safe drug for covid?


There’s billions of dollars at stake. It’s all about vaccines and money. Big pharma.


Don’t worry guys we’ll have pfizermectin rolling out very soon.


Pfizer does ahve a drug coming out that is a protease inhibitor, and what is Ivermectin? A protease inhibitor.Pfizer’s new ‘daily pill’ to fight Covid utilizes a protease inhibitor… Ivermectin is also a protease inhibitor… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS


That was an in vitro study. They are not fully relied on for real world results, it’s actually the least reliable. But when they take what they found and use those methods in a large in vivo study, that’s when the scientific community will take notice.


Someone told me Moderna’s stock tripled during all this. I went to verify it myself, and it was more than that. Last September Moderna’s stock was ~$60, it’s now ~$430.

I do have to state that I just Googled what Moderna’s stock symbol was took the results at their word that it was MRNA. I also didn’t look to see if there was anything else that could cause the price to go up that much, like a reverse split or anything

Pfizer, Moderna and J&J were promised big bucks for producing these crappy vaccines, can’t let cheap over the counter stuff mess up their stock rallies.


I took the horse version from Mirdoch’s ranch supply and it worked. Not bull shitting.

This will be hammer they swing against Trump should he run in 2024.
He did operation warp speed. Even though there was a cheaper alternative!
Because of him we are all sick from these pharmaceutical companies!


and Merck was given money to produce a vaccine that failed, then money to make the J&J vaccine, and now more money to come up with a treatment like Pfizer is coming up with.


Colbert was on TV just last night claiming emphatically that ivermectin has absolutely no effect against covid.

Both the left and the right act like they are each talking to a room full of babies. In the end, I guess they are.

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Why not just take the human version at the recommended dose???

I didn’t have health insurance at the time

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I bought mine from the local farm store and it cleared my COVID right up

I bought the human ivermectin online, just as a precaution. These vaccines seem to be creating a super virus.