Iverson scores 145 points!!!

... in the last three games.

54, 51, and 40

In his last six games he's averaging:

40 points

7 assists

5.17 rebounds

2.67 steals

43 minutes

53% FG%

Iverson for Tony Parker and a first round pick, imo.


Even though mavs need a REAL point guard. I'll take Iverson.

I'll give the sixers Jason Terry, Armstrong, a second round draft pick, and 3 million of Cuban's cash flow.

Hell, i like Terry, take Jerry Brickhouse instead.

No deal.



He's got street cred and he's keeping it real.

ah yes, both critical elements in winning a ring.

having said that I love AI's "guts" and would want him on my team any day.

give anyone 25 shots per game and he'll average around 20-25 points

"Other high scoring guards like TMAC don't help there
teams as much as Iverson."

Yes, they do. Iverson IS overrated and shoots too
much, though you have to admire his heart.