Iverson to Denver?!

Is this a done deal??

Wow, I think Philly got the better end of the deal. But AI with Denver will be fun.

Andre Miller, Joe Smith and two first-round picks... If Philly lands Oden with one of the picks, then it would be awesome, but Joe Smith is one of the biggest busts in NBA history. Just 2 bench warmers for now.

AI and George Karl = high scores

Philly isn't landing Oden with two picks in the 20s. Now they might be able to use those two to get another lottery pic, but I guess we will see. They are just going to have to rely on their own shitty record to win the lottery if they want Oden.

Denver just became a legit title contender!

It would not surprize me to see them in the finals.

Also, they will be the driving force behind David Stern's new 2-ball rule next year.

How many points is AI going to score when they face Philly? I think the over under should be set at 55.

Well at least Philly now has someone who will distribute the ball.

If Denver gets to the finals, the brawl will be the best thing that ever happened to the franchise!

Oden looks old enough to be Lebron's grandfather.

Denver was already a very good team. Now, without giving up too much talent (Andre Miller), they've added an all-star, future hall-of-famer, 2nd leading scorer in the league, and all around great player.

Denver definately improved from where they were 1 week ago.

You watch, after they settle down a little, and AI becomes more integrated into Karl's system, they will start to turn some heads.

Trust me, as a life long Laker fan (starting in 1982)I'm not too excited about this..

Denver still can't beat the top 3 west teams in a 7 game series: Spurs, Mavs, Suns.

Well I am glad Marcus Camby, Nene, and yes Iverson suck at defense. And coming straight from the Karls mouth, and anyone who listens to the guy knows he is critical of his players, and tells it like it is, says Carmleo is one of the two best perimeter defenders we have with Diawara being the other. Ask Arenas about Diawara, he kept him under wraps the other night. We should not even play any defense, just have someone inbound it.

"Well I am glad Marcus Camby, Nene, and yes Iverson suck at defense."

Have any of those guys played a full season in the last four or five years? I know AI will be on the court come playoff time regardless, but will Camby and Nene?

"Ask Arenas about Diawara, he kept him under wraps the other night."

No he didn't. The five thousand shots Arenas took the night before had more to do with it, imo.

Iverson got 22 and lost last night.... Great way to turn the Nuggets into the 6ers.

Camby is out for two weeks.

Didn't take him long to do his annual 'broken finger' routine once he realized there were expectations again.

If Iverson plays the way he did last night, look for the nugs to at least be in the WCF :(

With Mello, Camby, and Smith coming back soon, nugs will be dangerous to play.

It could work

by Eddie Johnson / December 21, 2006

Allen Iverson and Carmelo Anthony, the two leading scorers in the NBA will lace them up together for the next few years and I am looking forward to it. The Denver Nuggets finally have gotten a high scoring twosome again. Not since Kiki Vandeweghe and Alex English formed a high-scoring duo has the Mile High City been this upbeat.

The Nuggets were in need of a jolt, especially after the suspensions of Anthony and JR Smith. Denver has now become one of the most visible teams in the league and the Western Conference has gotten even tougher.

The question is... Will it work?

I think it will only work if Iverson becomes the scoring and passing point guard the Nuggets will need him to become. Iverson has that ability to average 10 assists along with his normal 30-plus points. But with the ability to score off Anthony, Smith, Earl Boykins and Marcus Camby, he could settle for 18 to 20 a game and make Denver become a clone of the Phoenix Suns, with a potential five to six players scoring in double figures.

That's the challenge George Karl will face in the next few months. But if Allen and Carmelo are still scoring 28-plus points per game in April, then I surmise that they will be battling just to make the playoffs. That projection is based on the fact the Nuggets will struggle for the next 14 games without Anthony and Smith, thus putting them in a hole they'll have to climb out of when both return.



The Answer will have a better supporting cast that can finish... How many times have we seen Iverson as a 6er pass-off to Korver or Webber and come up empty??

Iverson had to carry the load... He's sort of the Barry Sanders of Hoops.

dude you are so right...

Imagine if barry has emmitt's front line for all those years.

AI is a GREAT player and can make things happen. He just needs good talent around him so he doesn't have to jack up so many shots.