IZW, GFL & Comcast Partner on New Series

Beginning October 6, Impact Zone Wrestling (IZW) will feature a monthly television program on The Comcast Network (TCN) and Comcast SportsNet (CSN). Through this strategic deal with the GFL Combat Sports Network (GFL.tv) and the largest cable operator in the United States, Comcast, IZW will now extend its reach into millions and millions of new households along the East Coast.

The TCN and CSN Philadelphia regions have over 7.4 million subscribers in the Mid-Atlantic and greater Philadelphia areas. The coverage will be primarily focused in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware and include cities like Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Richmond, Roanoke, Lynchberg, Harrisburg and even stretch into the New York/New Jersey market with Ocean and Hunterdon. “This is the opportunity that IZW and our talented roster have looked forward to. We believe with this agreement that the future of IZW is brighter than it’s ever been,” said IZW Owner and Founder Johnny Z.

IZW will be a centerpiece of Comcast programming as it’s earned a prime time airing on Saturday evenings in the coveted 8-10pm EST timeslot on TCN Philadelphia and TCN Mid-Atlantic and a replay on Sunday night on CSN Philadelphia also in the 8-10pm EST timeslot. IZW will also be highlighted and promoted by Comcast during various sporting events, the CSN Sport Ticker, Comcast website and scheduling guide as a way to build and brand the wrestling organization in the local East Coast markets.

Comcast subscribers in these areas have been clamoring for hard-hitting, old school, rough and tumble wrestling that used to control the region when the NWA and specifically Mid-Atlantic Wrestling showcased Ric Flair, the Four Horseman, Ricky Steamboat, Sting and many others used to dominate the wrestling universe. Comcast heard its customers’ voices and through a partnership with Internet Sports Broadcasting pioneer, GFL, was able to land GFL mainstay, IZW, and bring them into the Comcast fold and fill this consumer need. “I can promise that once the 7.4 million homes have a chance to see the high-impact, high-flying, and innovative style of wrestling IZW brings to the squared circle combined with the creative and intriguing stories that go along with it, they will all see how IZW is ‘Changing the Wrestling World’,” said Johnny Z.

You can add IZW to the list of other sports franchises that are regularly broadcast on TCN and CSN Philadelphia including the Philadelphia Phillies, 76ers, Eagles and Flyers games. Fans of these teams will get to see the same type of physical action in the ring they’re accustomed to watching on the gridiron or ice with IZW and witness some of the top talent in the Southwest, including Aaron “The Bronze Bull” Neil, Jermaine Johnson, Double D, Johnny Z and more as they tear the house down at the Impact Arena every month.
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