J-hamilton: alcar update?

Hey Jeremy,

I was wondering if you could share your results- I'm interested to hear your feedback since you first tried the acetyl l carnitine.

Did you find you had to cycle it to avoid tolerance issues in regard to the stimulating ergogenic effects? That's always been my experience with it.

Hey HERTS, sorry for the late response, I was away on vacation and didn't bother with anything internet.

I really didn't give the Alcar a fair go. It is just the worst tasting thing I have ever put in my mouth. It made me feel like my teeth were gonna fall out.

It just sits in my cupboard and I see it everyday but just can't do it. I want to cap it all and try it that way so I don't have to taste it. Do you or anyone know where I can buy capsules?

All good. Here's a link for 000 capsules, the largest size- they can hold a little over a gram each


I will look into it, thanks.

I think you can still get capsules at the drug store.

Hey JH,

Years ago I had a similar experience with some miracle supplement. I bought it and tried my best to use it. It tasted so bad...I thought of it as an irradiated pina-colada flavor. My buddies would laugh as they watched me try to choke it down. Finally (much like you) I left it on my shelf...ultimately I think I flushed it and was happy for it to be as far away as possible.

I've tried almost everything over the years...that stuff was the worst.