J Ivey vs Marcus "Conan" Silveira

Johanathan Ivey is set to fight Conan March 31st in Miami.



Ivey has been working like crazy on his stand up game and will be show casing his Muay Thai skills.  This should be a good fight.

Best of luck Johnathan.


when did conan get out of prison?

Conan via Ecstacy laced water.

i was also wondering why Conan's not in jail

Isn't he 43 now

Damn dude got caught with 10,000 ex and he is out what is this world coming too


Cooperation goes a long way in federal cases.

Got out in Sept. Been training guys at ATT headquarters. Yes he made one very bad mistake but he is a super nice guy who regrets what he did.
As far as him being a snitch...maybe & if he did who really cares. He has two boys & a daughter that I am sure he wanted to see again soon.

well snitching on drug dealers is not very smart if you want to keep seeing your kids.imo Hope it all works out for him but im rooting for ivey.

is his brother out too? his video with carlson jr is hugely under-rated and was one of the best instructionals back in the day

The world would be a much happier place if evryone had 10,000 hits of E on them... We'd all be watching the U.H.C. (Ultimate Hugging Championships). Guys wouldn't answer to the bell, they be sitting in their respective corners just sucking down the water bottles and telling thier corner men to "Keep on rubbing my shoulders." Starring at the ring card girs like sex offenders out on parole , as they carry the round card around the octagon.


Hybrid Jon for poster of the year!

Good luck Ivey.



Maybe they are doing an "Undisputed" type of thing!!! lol

I think this will be a good fight but I don't see Conan being able to submit Ivey and I sure don't see him being able to stand up with him. I see Ivey winning by TKO at the end of the 1st round.

Ivey by ko...standup will be too much for Conan after his layoff!!!

conan lost to colonel wesley simms