J & J Problems = Good News For OCGN?

Should I be buying more OCGN ?

imo it has been a downhill dud since the factory fire in India.

Myself I will keep holding but see no reason to expand position.

52 week high of 18.77 at 6.15 at close.

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Bought more OCGN

$5.80 close today.

Fucking OCGN lol.

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Might see a quick burst next week. Small burst, Governments are reshuffling stock and what is getting sent out to poor countries.

India has also finally gotten to full production after the sabotage attempts.

Took a while but we got that burst.



Where is that “it’s happening” gif?

Hoping for 11.50 after close.
Would be happy with 10 bucks though.

11.06 is a happy spot. After a long boring time in a excited market.

Hoping next week the deal gets signed and I think long-term the production will be Nationalized for India. Since the US is not exporting vaccines even if they have been paid for. Either way they are into a profit share basically once the deal is signed.

Over $16 on a Monday after half decent news about effectiveness against the Brasil variant. 52 week high is 18.77.

If we get the news I expect about vaccines staying or being Nationalized for India we will be over twenty I think.