J-Lau training for Finale (pic)


Way to Gabe it up.


My girlfriend thinks Joe is cute :/

That gif is indeed funny as hell.

who is the dude touching his ass?


Its Melendez isn't it?

I thought melendez too, but that'd just be too perfect ?





U need to leave her man!

that gif is hilarious.

The great thing about J-Lau is the sense of pride he should give us old-schoolers...we have had the fortune to watch him start training, grow and mature all the while sticking to the boards here which really gives us a unique perspective on him.

...Proud to be a J-Lau fan!

J-Lau fucking rocks! He did Bullshido proud that night! A rising star if there ever was one. :)

That's how you make weight! LOL

Jealous because I haven't had ice cream in god knows how long?

That's not ice cream, that's straight up cookie dough he's eating.

Good luck, Joe!

Even WORSE!!

I used to love cookie dough.