J - LAU!!!!

I dont care how many threads there are to him!!   Nice job Joe!!!   Joe A. and i are so happy for you!!  



(Thanks i won alot of money on you!!!)

Shaq Daddy

I'm still in a state of shock.


You're the man Joe.

never spoken to him on here, but was still so excited to see him win! Really happy for you Joe, good for you man, hope you have a very successful run!

Very nice, you really dominated and that left hook was right on the button.

Joe is the Rocky of MMA, watching Joe dominate after everyone in the world counted him out was incredibly inspiring.

We are proud to have sponsored JLAU for his debut UFC fight and win over Jens Pulver!

Congratulations Joe Lauzon from Bullshido!!!

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perfect fight joe good job lookin forward to seeing you win more. -siloh p.s tell ufc to bring in 145 and 135 :oP

I've never been so proud in my life.

awesome fight, congratulations joe. definetly the fight of the night.

Congrats to Joe Lauzon!! It takes pretty big balls just to step into the ring with the likes of Jens Pulver for your UFC debut. And to knock him right the f*ck out is even more amazing!

KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!! That is what drives those to succeed, and others to fail under pressure!!!


I'm inspired. Amazing job Joe.

good win for a good guy


he made pulver look like it was his debut and not the otherway around. he
is d f-ing man!

"thank fucking god he won, I lost my big bet on BJ and I lost on all the other underdogs and J-lau won all my money back. Thanks a lot champ, and good luck in your UFC career. Just incredible, well done."

Nice job betting on him. I did NOT see this coming but I sure loved watching it. The kid was great.

Joe won me a nice chunk of coin too. Thanks man, I owe you a Powerbar or something :).

nice work brutha!

i was jumping around the room like a madman......that was incredible. your the man!!