J. Levine and 13 yr old divorced?

I thought he was gay?

jamie doesnt need the 13yr old anymore...the 13 yr old got him there and he has done well enough to keep himself there. he will move up to bigger and better things...14 yr olds!

come on dumb shit u know she is 14 now!
get it sraight next time.

We are still married and awaiting your sister to come over for a threesome.


he married 2 girls  that were 7 years old each since

Wow, here I thought it was a two year old, a five year old, and a seven year old... at least thats what the birdie was saying.

LOL @ Jamie- That was good!

My sister is too old (15) for Jamie. However, my aunt is expecting any day now. Want her number?


ttt for Jamie Moyer

ttt good gome back jamie

good comeback JL

later, lawdy

Jamie, can you mma.tv email me? I train at the the same Gym Pat Assalone works out at.

Mustang, Levine is a slimeball who deserves the hate. The mods understand this. You having signed up in 06' probably have no idea how terrible for the sport this guy is.


hey slie, fuck off dick head . you dont know me at all.

mind your own buz !