J MacDonald "surprise" opponent

According to an article on mmaweekly.com:


The second to last line in the article says, "Joe Silva has mentioned that he has a "surprise" for Jason's next fight." Any ideas or specualtation on who the next opponent may be? Based on the rest of the article, it sounds like his opponent may NOT be Rich Franklin. Could we be seeing a new fighter in the middleweight class? Could a returning fighter (like Jason "Mayhem" Miller or Ivan Salaverry) be his next foe. Thoughts?

would love to see him fight Mayhem!

Probably Mayhem, that would be a great fight

Mayhem or Lindland.

Lindland would be great!

Well I'm just saying that I might be right...who wants to bet ;)

Lyoto @ 185?

Unless I'm mistaken, it's Starnes.

The whole rest of the article is about him fighting Kendall Grove or Rich Franklin so that would be a safe bet.

Starnes would make no sense at this time, my friend.


JMac and Kang as partners when Jay was a LHW...


Mayhem would be sweet


Hope it's Starnes, prolly my fave TUF guy out of all of them.

^^Enter the US from the state of Hawaii, you mean?

^^^^The trouble of his aquittal, you mean?

Didn't Starnes already beat Macdonald? If I recall, Macdonald was heavily rumoured to be on TUF, but Starnes beat him and earned the shot. I'd like to see the rematch.

Starnes was one of my favorite TUF guys too.

"can mayhem get a visa to enter the usa after all this recent difficulties? "

LOL - as stated before, living in Hawaii means he is already in the US and he was found not guilty as well.

Mayhem? Isn't he a little light?

MacDonald video talking about the 1st Starnes fight.