J.St-Louis fights for world title!

*****My apolagies
This fight is for an "International" title

Saturday May 20th

Yellowknife, Nt,

Jason "Sumo Samurai" St-Louis

Vernon, BC,Canada

Head Instr Proving Grounds Combat Club


Bangaly Kourouma

Toronto, Ont

"CAM" professional boxing title bout
( Canadian/American/Mexican )

Best wishes Jason (AKA "Pinky")from the members and team here at PGCC. We have a great spot cleared out under the other five belts waiting for your return!!!!

Les Dickens
( AKA "The Brain")
and the
Proving Grounds Combat Club

my apolagies this is a "International" title


awesome! Go get em' J man


Is this MMA?

good luck Jay!


Not sure, but I think the 'world' title is a label, not a description.

All the best Jason!

Good Luck Jay

Good luck Jay...jab him to sleep!!!

good luck once again.

Aaron Basso.


I can't believe I'm in Yellowknife! Anyhoo, I believe it is an International title, since it is the canadian-american-mexican title that would be it.

It was sunny when I went to bed last night at 11pm, and it was sunny when I got up to get a drink at 4am...lol, This is weird.

Thanks for the support...

Jason if u read this again. i need your email. or if anyone has it thanks.

Hey jason,

If you get an oppurtunity, check out the GOLD RANGE bar or 'Strange Range' as most locals know it. It's supposedly reknowned for having the most alcohol sales in the country!

JSL by toe hold!! errr...knock out!!

Good luck Jason.

Thanks MTG

and im going to keep this TTT'd till tomorrow night to see what the result of his fight is.

Bangaly Kourouma

Never heard of this guy, where does he train?

All the best Jason!

Oh, and by the way, you guys stole our names!
(myself and Pinky John Loginow)..don't know if
pinky wants to give up his name, but you can have
mine. :}

good luck j


GO J!!!







É assim agradável ouvir-se de você!
Eu digo a meus estudantes novos histórias de você toda a hora e de onde o jiu-jitsu de Behring vem e como afortunado nós somos ser parte de uma equipe tão grande e uma família.
Eu estou encaixotando hoje à noite para a correia internacional do championship de Cruizerweight da CAM (o canadense-americano-mexicano)...minha equipe, minha família

mais uma coisa. ..I serei pai a rapaz de bebê! nascerá alguma vez em junho e seu nome é Maddix

você está em meus pensamentos e em meus prayers

santo preguiçoso