J.T.McCarthy on Drugs!!!!

It appears Mr.McCarthy is out to lunch. I was wondering why he wasn't posting much on the forum and my phone wasn't ringing at 2am. Add to the fact my msn has been dormant, as his name never pops up cause he is never online. All these issues are completely out of routine for him.

I did the math so I researched this scenario. Turns out, Mr.McCarthy is on some major medication due to an pneumonia. I also found out his fever hit 104 degrees. That's no joke. I also found out, due to his illness, he may not be able to spend Christmas with his family and thus, he is pretty upset, pissed, frustrated and sad, considering the crap he has gone through this month. I also found out that this pneumonia is NO JOKE and he needs to RELAX and let it run it's course. Turns out, he may be out of commission for awhile.

Bro...if you're reading this or your e-mail, hang tight my man. I heard you're not in the greatest of spirits and can barely speak. Dude, relax man, you'll be back in no time. Don't get depressed. You'll be back. You're the best voice in this country so don't mess around with anything. We need you very soon. Hang in there bro. Guys like me, Magnus, JHR, Randy and others are praying for the best.

I know I was a little sarcastic at the beginning but you would probably give me crap if I was too serious. Just think of all the times you were awaken with Showdown Joe singing tunes in the shower: System of a Showdown bro.

Get better my man,

Joe Ferraro

Get better JT !!! I had pneumonia back in school..

I missed a month and lost 40lbs...

Damn.. I sure wish I could catch me some pneumonia right now...


I'm coming over !

wow... rest up JT, SDJ said it best, let it run the course, you'll be good to go real quick-like.


I hope he doesn't lose any weight!

Just kidding, get better.

JT get better man~!

Like Joe said. Take care of yourself. I have had pneumonia back in the day. Not a joke that. Seriously high temperature associated with it. Sure, it made me a chick magnet but it can easily go the other way also e.g. JHR :)

"Just think of all the times you were awaken with Showdown Joe singing tunes in the shower" Not sure what to make of that statement. However, if that thought helps your recovery then, "nothing wrong with that."

Seriously, take care and listen to your doctor. Talk to you soon.

someone please post the "grab" pic

Seriously JT...I know a guy who was the picture of good health, then contacted pneumonia...Here's what he looked like when he was sick...Sadly, he never got any better looking... :(:P

Hey, there's Tompkins glaring at me on the right hand side...

Showdown Joe's there too !


Yikes that IS an ugly bastard! *combs mullet wig and considers releasing Mico* :)

[I should like to report that my daughter just peed her pants laughing - dick!] ;)

I can see Mico peering from behind you in the pic... :)

Shayna's laughing in it also !


*JHR always keeps an ace up his sleeve for times like this*


The speed in which you produce pictures of people who assume you do not even have pictures of them is disturbing. I have learned the hard way: "mess with a bull . . . " Nice one JHR :):)

get well soon

Damn JHR never takes me anywhere...

get well

Dougie®, I have no date for New Years..

How does Mickey D's, a 2 litre bottle of Canada Cooler and a cheap hotel room sound ??

You vixen...

JT, if your not contagious by then you in too...

It sounds a lot like last years, "staff appreciation party" and me and the rest of the guys are not falling for the same thing 2 years in a row!

get well my man!


Ive always got my eye on you especially when you have a camera in hand....Obviously.

JT come on already get better...This should seem easy compared to everything else you've been through.

Just Kidding, but get better.

*jots down names for future romoshops*I like it when you whisper sweet nothing's in my ear....LOL;)