Jacare highlights

Potent combo of judo & bjj



That vid is fun to watch. He wins alot on the basis of his throwing skills. Although, he is also awesome on the ground.

Incidently, to use the word "potent" on two non-consecutive occasions, without expressed written consent from Osaekomi is to invite the severest of sanctions (nugies probably).

Or is it implied verbal consent? I forget.

Tread lightly my friend, lol


Silent verbal consent ashy :-) !

Very well then. You may go.

Can anyone say 'BEAST'


jacare @ ADCC 05

Jacare vs David Avellan

Renaldo Jacare vs Alexandre Cacareco

Renaldo Jacare vs Marcelo Garcia

Roger Gracie vs Renaldo Jacare

Enjoy it !!!

PS/Ashy your comments are welcome :-) !


Here is a something really funny. I was getting all frustrated because I could not get the video to play. It kept coming up,
"page could not be displayed! "page could not be displayed!"

To make a long story even more tedious, I progressed through the five stages of grief pretty rapidly, as I have been down this road many times before. But I digress. I finally settled on some sort of slow torturous revenge against you for posting the defective video...............!

It was around this time that I realized that I was blocking and pasting the whole line.......ie:

Jacare vs David Avellan http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PBFD08ES

I had to spend the last couple of minutes carefully dismantling my complex plot against you. Funny stuff eh?


"um!......jacare is ok," he says, trying to deflect attention away from his obvious mental deficiency.

right eye twitches noticably

I finally downloaded the k lite package. I think it was your insistance in French that finally sold me on the idea. c est magnifique!

I am now in the possession of more codecs than any one person should ever be allowed to own. Family and friends have taken to euphemistically calling me codecboy. While I don't specifically mind the name, per se, it is the rude pointing and laughing at me from a distance that is a little disconcerting.

Those videos were just peachy by the way. The long download time was constructively spent shelving and re-stocking my canned goods. Did you know that 'Geant Vert, mais a grains entiers' is vacuumed packed? And contains 1/3 'moins de sel?'.......Did you know this?

"Well...thanks for telling me!" he snaps sarcastically.

crosses arms/furrows brow

Jacar? training before the Mundialat Comprido?s academy in Rio de Janeiro, before the mundial.


So much for "judo throws don't work in BJJ because you give up your back". 

Awesome athlete. It's always great to see someone who is at the top of their sport in action. 

Jacare is an incredible competitor. That video never ceases to inspire me.

Bonjour Chiave,

As you may, or, may not know, here in Canada, all products contain both English and French information.

I pulled my previous post entirely from a can of Green Giant corn niblets.

hangs head

I am not proud of myself.

That is how I have learned most of what little French I know. I have gotten quite good. As long, of course, as the conversation centers around canned products or toiletries.

Let me guess. Arbitrage equals decision-making or arbitration by the referees, in the Maddoloni case. Yes? Exactly! I got that off a can of baked beans last year.

Bon soir, et bon apetite


"judo throws don't work in BJJ because you give up your back"

I think this crazy attitude comes from wrestlers. My bjj coach only uses bjj with judo throws.