Jacare: I Came To Annihilate Okami. No To Andy

On Okami Fight:

“I came to annihilate my adversary, I came to finish the fight. I wanted to really frighten him and I was ready do to it.

“I trained so hard and my friends suffered in the gym with my hands, so I had to take it out on somebody, otherwise, when I got home, they would want to beat me themselves.”


On potential Anderson Silva match-up:

“Anderson Silva is a fight I don’t want, I won’t ask for it. He is my training partner, my friend who helps me and I also help him, so I would be a bad character if I said that I wanted to fight Anderson."

 “I am a UFC athlete, but I hope they don’t put this fight on. But I am ready to face any [other] opponent in the world in this division and at 205-lbs too.”




Underground Blog - Jacare ducking Anderson. Phone Post 3.0

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Hahahaha. I hate the I won't fight my friend or training partner shit, it's a fucking business fight who u have to, to get to the top. Phone Post 3.0

What people who say this often fail to understand is that great training partners can also be very instrumental to a fighter's success and career. If all these guys were going to fight one another, they wouldn't train together very often at all, and the sport as a whole would be at an overall lower skill level.

It's part of the reason MMS is improving so quickly as opposed to boxing where its usually one higgh level fighter per gym and a bunch of nameless sparring partners for them to thrash.

It's a catch 22. You may get more fights between friends and see matches like this or Anderson vs Machida. But then those fights may not be as desirable to begin with because said guys would probably not be at quite the level they are wihout eachother.

What you're asking for would bring the whole sport down a notch or two skill wise, and drastically decrease the rate at which fighters improve leading to less of these fights being asked for anyways.