Jacare Seminar in Hamilton!!!!

Saturday June 5th and 6th in Hamilton, Ontario at Joslins Mixed Martial Arts. Romero "Jacare" Cavalcanti, will be holding a seminar 3-4 hours per day teaching some of the newest techniques and principals of Brazillian Jiu-jitsu!Jacare recently trained with some of Brazil's best fighters such as Leo Vieira and Marcelo Garcia, so get ready for some very important new details to techniques!

Price and exact start times will be posted within the week. However the seminar is confirmed.

Jacare is the head coach of two of the world's top Brazillian jiu-jitsu teams today!(Master and Alliance)

He has given black belts to the sports best such as:
Fabio Gurgel, Leonardo and Ricardo Vieira, Rodrigo "Cumprido" Medeiros, Alexandre Paiva, Leonardo Castello Branco, Roberto "Spider" Traven, Felipe ZICRO Neto, Harold Bunn, Otavio Ratinho, Vinicius Campello, and many more!!!!

The seminar will be one day with the gi and one day without.

Limited spots available!!! To reserve a spot email me at: liborio1@hotmail.com

Don't miss out with a chance to train with one of the top coaches in the sport today!

Come and attend the seminar and than go down to see some of Canada's best grapplers in action at the Ontario Submission Wrestling Invitational. Cathedral High School. Hamilton,Ontario!

Doors Open at 4:00 P.M.!

Great thinking Rick! Its gonna be a jiu jitsu weekend in Hamilton!!!

I'm ..in...Nova..Scotia....*sniff*

Great seminar. Jacare it's one of the best jiu jitsu fighters in Brazil. Great opportunity!!!


TTT for Liborio1 for making things happen, Jacare is da man!!! I look forward to "watching" this seminar.

TTT 4 Jacare!


You know I am in. Save a spot for me......






I was gonna got to Hamilton that weekend anyway. Now Im for sure there for the no-Gi stuff. I need to learn that armdrag sweep to the back Team Alliance does.

Man Liborio is defiantely the "Go-To" guy in Ontario for grappling and BJJ. He certainly makes things happen.

ttyl, Greg

Ya, and he is also hung like a HORSE!!!!! HEE-HAW