Jacare seminar in Lake Forest , CA

Jacare will be giving at seminar at:

O.C. Jiu-Jitsu
22661 Lambert Street


Lake Forest, CA 92630
(949) 951-4796

Seminar is March 12 at 11 am. Cost of the seminar is $100 which includes his DVD from Bjjtapes

Cool. Count me in. It's a bit out of my way and I'm injured (right arm in a sling) but I'd still be interested in checking it out.

He is not going to do alot of Gi stuff in the future. So, you should take advantage of it before he goes full time into MMA.

This is an awesome deal, its just to bad that this is on the same day of the copa.

YOu can always go to the Copa afterwards. Lake Forest is close to where the Copa is being held.

is he doing the pan-ams. it will be fun to see him in MMA but he will be missed on the JJ scene. makes me sad.

ttt jaca is the man

Is the seminar going to cover gi and no-gi? How long is the seminar?


Probably for 3 hours. I can talk to him and see if he will split it up. He is pretty cool with suggestions.

I am helping him and all the money goes to him. So I may sweeten the deal in the next week for people to come.

pretty far from Stockton. Maybe 5-6 hours.

Thats an incredible deal (comes with Jacares instructional?!?) Please give an ETA on when your new sets (Leopoldo/Estima) should be ready to go/shipping. Thanks

bjjtapes-Any chance you could help me get an autographed picture of Jacre? I will pay for one.


Call Gilberto at JiuJitsuProgear and ask for a picture - I don't have one handy. I know Jacare will sign his DVD's at the seminar

Thanks.I'll try to get ahold of him.You think he can get it signed them?

Where do I sign up, I am in Coto


Just show up at the academy at 11am