Jacare speaks the truth

Jacare was at our gym in Plano today for a seminar (no-gi) and it was a great success, not to mention a hell of a workout! Jacare has taught the best seminars I have attended, this being my second of his, and I felt like I came away with even more new info this time. Not to mention he spoke to us at the break about the evolution of MMA and BJJ's place in it.

He explained how comparing one style to another is silly, and how no one can claim their style is better than anothers'. Each style, whether it be striking or grappling, he explained, gives you the tools to win any fight. But to win every fight, you must know every type of combat training, to be well-rounded.

He also asked, "have you noticed if someone has a strong guard game, every time they train they pull guard immediately. Why, if you are at the top of that facet of the game, do you continue to work that primarily? You must focus and train on what you don't know, whether it be striking or grappling. BJJ, Muay Thai, independently, none of them are the answer." (paraphrased).

Interesting how our teachers who have roots deep in the early generations BJJ are the quickest to evolve, while many on these forums with far less knowledge of their primary fighting base argue endlessly on the comparisons between styles.

An excellent seminar as always, and a friendly, passionate person who enjoys life. Jacare will be teaching a gi seminar in Irving at Mohler's Jiu-Jitsu tomorrow. If you can go, please attend.

Jacare has a bad rep from alot of people, but from all Ive known of the guy (which is very little) he seems like a really cool guy, and has some bad ass students.

ttt for team Jacare.


how does he have a bad rep? I have never heard a bad word come out of his mouth.

MatSantos - will do!

Someone better tell Jacare that there are about 100 internet tools on this forum who apparnetly know better than him.

I did. He said that ANYONE that disagrees with him can e-mail him their information, and they can agree on a neutral site, with one friend each and a camcorder, and settle this with an INTERNET FORUM CHALLENGE MATCH.



I was just kidding about the challenge match part, alluding to how that has solved conflict in the past here.

You should have had dinner with Jacare and the crew at Fogo de Chao on Friday, Ninja.

I put down so much beef, pork, chicken and lamb that I was nearly paralyzed upon leaving the restaurant. Yesterday, I only had two small bowls of cereal and today I STILL feel full from the gorging.

...and although I couldn't hit the seminar, JD stopped by on his way out to Coppell last night and gave me a little living-room demo on some of the techs that Jacare was showing - esp. the Leozinho stuff.

I don't know where they come up with that shite.

Most of the "new" techs you see are simply old and forgottent or variations on currently used techs.

...but not these.

The shite they've been pulling out is truly new! Freshly developed and highly effective/creative.

It's true: Jacare, Leozinho and Master team are on another level!

which Jacare?

the younger one is just sick.

Lance- what's up with the mudname? I know, I wish I could have gone, but my girlfriend just had her wisdom teeth out. He showed us some NASTY stuff Saturday, I especially liked the reverse armbar from mount.

Kosta - Senior, Alliance founder, Rolls student, etc. in Atl.

Jacare is not God......but pretty damn close!!!

By far one of the best BJJ Instructors on the planet!

you said it, Kipp!


I heard the rumor that Jacare was going to be belting a certain somebody today!!!

I'm making phone calls; more later!

Had the pleasure of training at Jacare's for a few months while I was in Atlanta last year. Enjoyed it tremendously. Not only was it a great place to learn, but Jacare, his family, and the people I encountered at the school just seemed like genuinely nice people. Hope I can make it back sometime.

Shit!!! If that happens today and I miss it, I'm gonna be pised! He should have done it yesterday when we were in our gym so we could have been there; a lot of us only signed up for yesterdays, and vise versa with Mohlers' guys.

JD is on his way over to my loft as we speak...and the word came down.

At 2:30 today, JACARE placed the BLACK BELT around JD Shelley's waist making him the newest BB on the Alliance competition team!!!

Congratulations JD!

...Damn I bet that shite feels good around the waist.

That announcement needs it's own thread.