Jacare speaks the truth

Congrats JD!!!

JD will be travelling to Brazil soon to train for one month with Leo Viera and Master Team to get ready for the World Championships! Good luck to JD! Rep TX to the fullest!

TTT for Jacare!!!

I also went to Atlanta last summer to train with Jacare and Leo Vieira. It was the greatest training expericnce I have ever had!!!

Goldmedal is correct; he is 51!

I recall him being a really nice guy, too.
When he'd take his guys to the Auburn BJJ Tournament every year, if they lost you never saw him complain about anything (even if it was close) and he'd always contratulate the winner and seemed super nice. Eventually, about 1/2 of the teams at that tournament became Alliance affiliates as a result.

Even rival schools respected him and his students because they were solid and humble.

lol - some are confusing the 2 Jacares

Hmm, I thought JD was a black belt when he competed at the Arnolds. I was misinformed! Congrats to him.

Mike, you indicated in your first post:

He also asked, "have you noticed if someone has a strong guard game, every time they train they pull guard immediately. Why, if you are at the top of that facet of the game, do you continue to work that primarily? You must focus and train on what you don't know, whether it be striking or grappling. BJJ, Muay Thai, independently, none of them are the answer." (paraphrased).

No question that everyone needs to work on their opportunities.

But I think it's important to develop your strengths into towering strengths as well. For instance, a person who is great at guard work and triangle chokes ought to keep working them. The ways of applying them are probably limitless.

Jacare is one of the finest men I know.