Jacare statement after positive COVID-19 test

UFC middleweight Ronaldo 'Jacare' Souza was scheduled to fight Uriah Hall at UFC 249, the first major sports event during the COVID-19 global pandemic. He was interviewed upon arrival during the truncated Fight Week, explained that family member(s) had tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, and he was tested. Unfortunately, the test results are not immediate, so Souza weighed in (while wearing a mask, and facing off at distance) and post weigh-ins the results came back positive, and the fight was scrapped.

Now Souza has issued a statement on his social network.

"I was very sad to not be able to fight at UFC 249, but I want you to know that, as soon as I'm medically cleared, I hope to reschedule my fight with Uriah Hall so that I can put on the show that everyone expects," he wrote. "I thank my corners for the partnership, my opponent for the words of support and the UFC for all the care.

"Thank you all for the kind messages I have received in the last few days. The upcoming weeks I will be secluded with my family and coaches and focused on our health so I can be back soon.

"Thank you!"

So he makes absolutely no mention of his actual health in all of this?


oranos - 

So he makes absolutely no mention of his actual health in all of this?

He has no symptoms. Like 80% of people. He is contagious but for himself like for so many, this terrible terrible disease does... nothing. Strange stuff. And very serious for some. But far far from the apocalypse predicted or prepared for.