jacare wins at fury FC

Fury FC: Jacare submits Russian

New MMA event rocked Sao Paulo

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Two-time open class Jiu-Jitsu champion, Ronaldo Jacare fulfilled his fans wishes and submitted Russian Alexei Prokofiev in the main fight of Fury FC, the new MMA event held last night in Sao Paulo. After the fight, Jacare challenged Jorge Patino Macaco for a rematch of their fight in the 2003 Jungle Fight. Macaco acceptted the challenge

Besides Jacare and Macaco, the Fury FC offered eight more fights for the crowd. The highlights were the victories of Helio Dipp over Claudio Godoy and Givanildo Santana over Boris Jonstomp.

In the up to 205 lbs GP, four fighters advanced to the semifinals that will happen later this year. Check out the results:

Fury FC
Sao Paulo, SP
September 27th 2006


Helio Dipp (Chute Boxe) defeated Cláudio Godoy (BTT) by split decision

Ronaldo Jacare (Asle/ Behring) submitted Alexei Prokofiev (Rússia) with a triangle choke in R1
Givanildo Santana (Lotus) submitted Boris Jonstomp (França) with an armbar in R1
Marcos Loro (Nova União) defeated Naoya Uematsu (JAP) by unanimous decision
Willian Casquilha (Brasa JJ) defeated Allyson Pinheiro (Godoi/BTT) by jury decision

Up to 205 lbs GP:
Danilo Moto-Serra (GBCT) submitted Denis Komkin (Russ Fighters) with a guillotine choke in R1
Thiago Silva (Chute Boxe) submitted Dave Dalgliesh (Holanda) with a ankle lock in R1
Vitor Viana (Brasa) defeated João Assis (Brasil) by referee sttopage
Dimitri Wanderley (Ataíde Jr) knocked out Yusuke Masuda (AACC Japan) in R1

Jacare is my fav grappler, good to see him making head way in mma, ttt

Who is Jacare training with for standup?



Marcos Loro (Nova União) defeated Naoya Uematsu (JAP) by unanimous decision

Loro must be tough, Uematsu is a good fighter

Congrats Jacaré. That´s what Behring JJ is all about baby!!!

Loro is tough and well trained under "Dede" one of Nova Uniao founders

wonder how long before we see Jacare moving up to K1, UFC or Pride.

"Willian Casquilha (Brasa JJ) defeated Allyson Pinheiro (Godoi/BTT) by jury decision"

jury decision. The new wave of MMA.

There already is a FuryFCF on Guam. Since 2004 actualy. Interesting how this will pan out...

Either way. Great event title name.
see www.fokai.tv for evidence

Hardcore dominating BJJ - Jacare style rocks.

Congrats to Giva Santana!!!

Giva also has wins over U.S. fighters

Maverick Harvey


WFA vet Edwin Aguillar

He is going to be a force in US MMA very soon.

He's a 2nd degree BJJ BB, and instructor at the new No Limits facility in Irvine California