Jacare would destroy Chael Sonnen

Via superior striking and BJJ.. Jacare for the ignorant, is one of the greatest grapplers ever.. Sonnen's only game is wrestling so what happens on the ground? Submission (probably triangle) Phone Post




ABE FROMAN - Agreed. 

Agreed. Chael has nothing for Jacare besides a lucky punch. I'd love to see Jacare vs Anerson. Jacare would NOT be scared.

They train together right? Jacare and Anderson? I know Jacare helped him for his fight with Maia. That sucks if so, bc I think Jacare with just a bit more improved striking would be Anderson's toughest test so far. Might be why Jacare was happy about Zuffa purchasing strikeforce Phone Post

And yes, Jacare would be a nightmare for Sonnen Phone Post

 I'd pay to see that fight.

Agreed. So, why isn't Jacare on the UFC roster yet?

 Jacare could triangle Chael with one leg.

Hell yeah Jacare would destroy Chael. Chael takes everyone down, even when he souldn't. Jacare submission win (Triangle choke) 50 seconds into the first.

Yeah, Jacare would submit Sonnen quite easy.

I would love to see Jacare in the UFC!

Jacare vs Chael would be a dream fight.

I'd love to see it...but I don't think chael would get destroyed.

He definitely has a shot at winning, even on the feet, he definitely showed he could take some of the best on the feet from anderson.

Jscare is a machine at 185. Fast hands, good taskedowns, great speed and power, and world champion grappling skills.

I think he'd sub Chael inside of 2 rounds.

Nevermind Jacare, what about Maia again or Paul Harris?

Jacare would kill him... Yet he gets no love because he doesn't run his mouth like an attention whore. Phone Post

Is that the dude that couldn't do anything to 40+ Couture in a straight no-gi grappling match ?

Sonnen mauls Jacare. Jacare can't take him down, Sonnen will dominate the striking. Take him down and ride the clock out. Easy win for Sonnen.


You mean the match that had Couture on the defensive the whole time? It was a good match...but Couture hasn't been submitted since 2001. That's over ten years. He fought big Nog in that time too.
Sonnen hasn't been submitted in um....oh yeah, his last fight. And he was subbed...not beaten SUBD 8 times since the last time Randy was subd.

Your argument makes no sense.