Jack Della Maddalena

6-0 in the UFC (7-0 if you include DWCS) with 4 finishes

I honestly didn’t think he’d beat Holland, due to size and Kevin being the more rested fighter but JDM picked him apart in the first two rounds and imo clearly won 29-28 at worst. Third round was hard to judge

The sky is the limit for this dude. He’s been fun as fuck to watch so far. Welterweight needs someone like him this division has been LACKING as of late they need an active fighter like him


Would the UFC dare to matchup Jack with Ian Garry next? Two big prospects on their rise? Would be an awesome fight honestly


If not Ian Garry, how about Vicente Luque. That’s a fun matchup

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I’m actually not a fan when they put rising stars together.

Lets keep Garry, Shavkat and JDM away from each other.

I think a Geoff Neal, Mangy, Luque, RDA for @Siciliano and I’s paisano


I agree with that too, build them up for bigger events down the track for big money.


Luque needs to retire. I know he got medically cleared to fight…but risking another brain injury is crazy.


He’s coming off a solid win

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He is young and has a big upside. I do think he could benefit from training with another team.

But why?

I get one angle of this but often we are left waiting for fights that never happen or that aren’t what they could have been when someone falls off.

There’s too much fear of losing on fight records. If 2 rising prospects are as good as they look then it will be a great fight and the loser will be back one day maybe even for the title against the other guy which is a way better story and bigger fight.

There’s no point saving fights for a rainy day that might never come.


Conor Dustin and max all fought one another before ever being stars/champions


I like the idea of lining up contenders to fight champions. Fresh blood, title fights we haven’t seen. So lets say Shavkat fights Chimaev and Chimaev wins, then Chimaev fights Usman for a no.1 contender fight and Usman wins you just took two prospects away and both dropped them down a notch.

Shavkat is having a tough time finding opponents. JDM wants to fight him…seems like a win-win. It is refreshing to see new blood that actually has that anyone, anywhere mindset.

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Its a great fight for sure. JDM prolly a better striker, Shavkat more well rounded.

Let’s get Giacomo vs Vincenzo…


I actually thought his stock lost some value in his last 2 fights (and yes I am aware of the double weight cut)

I thought he was just Ok against Big Mouth who lacks power and striking defense

I mean DC kept hyping Holland’s defense all night but running backwards still getting tagged 2-3 times until your back hits the cage is the opposite of an amazing defense

I would like to see JDM against Ian Garry, leave Shavkat fight a contender like Remember the Name

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Yeah I thought he looked bad against Bassil Hafez

He won though. Took a short notice fight against someone he knew nothing about and had to cut weight two weeks in a row. Cut him some slack on that fight

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Its not like Bassil had time to prepare either, he wasn’t even in the UFC. JDM also didn’t look hot against Holland., Wins but I wouldn’t call him on the level of an Ian Garry, Chimaev or Shavkat for example.

Hell I remember Chimaev fought at MW, cut to WW a week later then two months later fought at MW and SMASHED. I think total combined time between two of those back to back fights was under 4 minutes


Khamzat is a freak of nature not everyone can be him

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