Jack Della Maddalena

It’s a shame he is going to get slept by a real genetic freak…

War Paolo!

Although JDM beat Holland, it was a weird and seemingly uneventful fight. To me, his stock didn’t rise or fall, it held constant. His striking is definitely limited, and if Holland had a better performance, he would have beaten JDM handily. Sure some of that can be attributed to what JDM was doing, but he wasn’t really hurting Holland, and Kevin was able to roll with and evade a lot of shots.


JDM vs Burns makes sense
Shavkat vs Kelvin
Geoff Neal vs Brady
Wonderboy vs Garry
Belal vs Usman

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Right and that quote should be saved for Chimaev, not JDM.

Can’t wait for Costa vs Chimaev! LET’S FUCKIN GO!


well said, Sunshine.

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With his style and pacing he’s better suited to 5 rounders, it takes him a while to figure out his opponent and when he’s ready to get to work the fights over (at this higher level)
They need to do a fight night in Hobart Tasmania, Australia…


Great prospect, mixes up his punches well. It’s hard to figure out his level at the after the last two fights. Give him the benefit of doubt over the late replacement, was a close fight with Holland but i think JDM did the better stuff. I still can’t work out if Holland is any good :laughing:


Holland hasn’t got the right mentality for pro fighting.
He just wants to hang out and be friends with everyone.
All of his talking and joking is a cover for not believing that he can actually be a champion himself.( credit to MMA Guru for being the one to actually bring this to light.)


There’s always a flip side here. What if Usman beats both of the prospects? Now you’re in that situation where you have a very high level gate keeper stopping any fresh blood with the title.

And instead of two hot prospects facing each other, you’re left with 2 guys who couldn’t beat the former champ now with losses on their records.

There’s a potential losing path no matter what you do really, might as well do the sure thing and get some good fights out of exciting talents…with each other.

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I always thought it was a mental game and JDM admitted that it affected him. I don’t know how smart Holland is, but he is devious.

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Well no, because you keep the other guy away from Usman give him another top 5. If both lose to the vets, clearly neither are ready. One beating the other doesn’t really prove how good the other is since there are still so many unknowns.

They kinda did this with Tiago Silva/Machida and Bader/JBJ. Everyone was undefeated. The winners became champs, but beating the guys they did, looking back didn’t raise their stock and you could sell undefeated challenger vs Champion 2x. Clearly the UFC match makers know what they’re doing, but Im just saying the more options and less rematches the better.

I thought JDM whiffed alot against Holland and that Holland lander the cleaner shots. Commentary was bias like normal.

I do give him slack for that, and he’s probably my favorite Welterweight currently. That said, he did an entire camp for 1 dimensional leg humper Sean Brady. He was fully preparing for a wrestler. The two weight cuts are probably a factor, but it’s not like he gassed out. He just continually made awful grappling decisions. I think he may have just underestimated Hafez. I cannot imagine he would have jumped 5 guillotines against Sean Brady.

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No. JDM won every round. I can’t even get on board with the “it was a really close fight” narrative. Kevin Holland did absolutely nothing for all 3 rounds. He landed absolutely nothing of consequence, and avoiding the fight, for the most part. Turning his back and running at points.

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exactly, fights are scored on damage, pressure and aggression. not goofing around.



didnt see any maddalena fights, but you aint beating Holland in striking match, unless you are wonderboy

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What are you on about ?