Jack Dempsey a CUCK 4 a HARLOT = the POWER of Women?

Jack Dempsey was one of the most MASCULINE Men…a Gentleman in Peaceful Conditions and a SAVAGE when taking care of BU$INESS…yet if I read the biography right even he was WEAK when it came to that ONE harlot…

and now that I think about it, same could be said of Sugar Ray Robinson as there seems some gossip that his woman was promiscuous with Joe Louis?

and then there is Randy and Tito falling HARD for HARLOTS too!

I have LONG said that women are the MORE POWERFUL creature and there is that ONE woman which can destroy the most powerful of men, just like Cleo and Cesar!

my own strumpet causes me all kinds of irritation and misery but she and her family and their machinations have domesticated me. I often wish I could quit her but I have lost the Call of the Wild and don’t know how to go back to living the TomCat Life!