Jack Dempsey book

Anyone know where they might have an online version of the book Jack Dempsey wrote? I used to have it, but seemed to have lost it. It had a great section on the jab.
Thanks in advance.

Ive been looking for it for years.

Din't someone post the whole book (chapter by chapter) at the boxing forum a couple of years ago?

Not sure about online copies, but you can sometimes grab cheap hardcopies from second-hand bookstores.

"Not sure about online copies, but you can sometimes grab cheap hardcopies from second-hand bookstores."

Hopefully one day I will get lucky. I found Edwin Haislet's Boxing book in a used store for $2.50 and snatched it up. I also found American Combat Judo by Bernard Cosneck at the Goodwill for 25 cents. Both sometimes sell for a lot of money on Ebay.

I started wanting Dempsey's book after reading "Championship Streetfighting" by Ned Beaumont. He quoted so much from that book I got a hard on for it. Most of the time on Ebay it goes for a small fortune. Maybe I will catch it at a rummage sell one of these days.

I downloaded a scanned copy of it off of the internet a few months back. Don't know exactly where the original site is these days, to be honest. But i found this site:

which seems to have the PDF's on there, about the middle of the page i believe.

Also looks to have some other stuff on there that could be pretty interesting.


HULC the links dont work on that site.
Do you know of any where else to get it?.

I have the book in PDF, chapters 3-19, which is the majority. It has the relevent chapters on punching. Go to http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/CACCBKB/ in the files section. I have a few old rare manuals I am slowly uploading. If anyone has something not there please add to the list.

Well i have the whole thing in PDF format, but it's over 100 mb and i'm on a dialup connections so... :(

I'll have another look soon, but google seems to be realy tempremental at the moment.


Dude you made my day. I joined your group and got the Dempsey book. Very happy.

Anyone know where to get sanford strongs "strong on defence".
You dont seem to be able to get it in the stores anymore.

Brandon, Glad to help. I'm working on the missing chapters and pictures now. Did you check out Mendoza's BKB manual. Really good drills.