in their prime, who do you think wpould have won???imo, itds a mismatch with tyson taking it to him and getting a Ko in the 2nd round...Dempsey was a tough guy and was aggressive but he never fought anyone close to tyson skill level and style...

anyone out there think Dempsey would have a chance??

Its like who is gonna win a Homerun match Bonds or Babe Ruth.

Boxers back then did not train like Boxers today.They were not in the same shape also nor had access to the Supplements,Training Regimens,Facility's,Training Partners..Boxing has also evolved since then with Expert Coach's and strategic Gameplans.

 Dempsey would beat Tyson. Tyson would probably agree.




Dempsey by superior mental game.

tyson never beat anyone even close to dempsey's level.

a while back people here were trying to decide which was Tyson's best win, and I think Michael Spinks was the choice. A blown up, past his prime light heavyweight.

who was Dempseys biggest win??people crap on tysons competition or lack thereof but say nothing about dempsey refusing to fight black opponents..why is this??

Rocky Balboa > Jack Dempsey + Mike Tyson

Too hard to compare due to differences in training eras. Sports medicine and training regiments get better and better as time progresses. However if both were to start and train in the same era, I'd bet my money on Dempsey.

Jack Dempsey weighed 187 pounds. Tyson weighed 218 pounds in his prime. That's a big enough weight difference that any other slight edge Dempsey had wouldn't have mattered. And it wasn't like Dempsey was an elusive nimble boxer with a good jab to keep Tyson off him. He would have stood right there banging with Tyson and gotten his brains beaten in.

And I don't see why people consider Dempsey more ferocious than Tyson. That seems to be kind of the "in" thing to do, like somehow it makes you a boxing authority to pick Dempsey over Tyson because this must mean you must have a wealth of deep knowledge about how good the old time boxers were.

Have any of you guys actually watched footage of Dempsey's fights? I have, and Tyson's highlight reel looks a lot more dangerous to me.

i dont want to shit on Dempsey
but no matter how tough he was, if he was not only to stand and brawl with Mike fuckin' Tyson in his prime, but be giving up 20 lbs as well, he would get fucked up.

Modern athletes are superior to yesterdays greats in every sport. Science keeps getting better and so does the limits of man. Young Tyson by brutal KO...

Tyson would destroy him

Tyson has respect for the game - I'm sure he would differ to Jack if he was asked...but in reality a prime Tyson would have broke him down...easy.


tyson wins


Marciano wins.

Tyson was 216-218 in his prime.

Dempsey was high 180s to 190.

Tyson would beat him.

It lasted only a few years, but put any champion past or present in the ring with a young, hungry Mike Tyson in his prime, during those few years, and they are getting KO'd.

i dont even think its worth debating.

i sort of think, if you know you know (sorry to be condescending :)

but if the question was changed to ie if they were both from the same era,
who would win ? etc, then it would be more interesting.

"Yer right they trained harder to go for longer. In Dempsey's day they trained to go at least 15 rounds. And yes they did have gameplans to target their opponents weaknesses."

My point being is that Boxing has evolved since back then.Everyone is better,Trainers,Athletes,Skills..Everything.

Its like trying to race a 69 Mustang against some Fast and the Furious 4 Cylinder