Jack Dempsey

What were some of Dempsey's training methods, does anyone know?

Bryne and chewing pine, what the hell is that all about? Anybody have some insight?

He soaked his face and hands in bryne to toughen his skin against cuts.

He chewed pine to strengthen his jaw muscles to increase his resistance to KO blows.

Given that he was KO'd only once and cuts were not a factor until his last three fights - his methods seemed to have worked quite well for him.

WTF is Bryne?

I understand the Pine crap. But what is Bryne.

Thanks Ron - My spelling errors lately have been egregious.

To think of something more disgusting... Bryne is the liquid left in the pickled egg jar.... Yea, have fun soaking your face and hands in that and then trying to get a date....
Talk about being committed to your career...

Jim Flynn seemed to be involved in a lot of weird fights but he was supposed to have a heavy right.

It seems to me one of Dempsey's early problems was not having enough to eat. For a guy who looked as lean as he did against Willard to be fighting at 160 he had to be starving.

Dempsey's pullup routine... don't know if this is the same one Martin has:

1) Sternum pullups (as many as possible)

2) Stretch back by hanging from bar for 10 seconds

3) Wide grip pullups (as many as possible)

4) Stretch for 10 seconds

5) Classic (medium grip) pullups (as many as possible)

6) Stretch for 10 seconds

7) Narrow pronated pullups

8) Stretch for 10 seconds

Repeat steps 1-8 three times with a two minute break between supersets.

Here's a link to the section of the Sandow site that has an article titled "How I Got and Keep My Fighting Muscles" by Jack Dempsey.


Is the sternum pullup the same as a close grip pullup, or is is something different?

Also, are pronated pullups = chin ups?

Do you know what specific stretches he would do in those 10 seconds?

I have never tried doing pullups with such short breaks between sets. Looks like a very difficult routine.