Jack LaLanne on ESPN Classic

For those of you that might be interested, ESPN Classic is showing reruns of the Jack LaLanne Show. It's on at 7:00 a.m. eastern weekdays.

I've never seen it before - just happened to notice it this morning. Was about to leave for work, so I threw a tape in the VCR and taped it - I'm interested to see what it's like!!



That sounds cool.

Jack was superhuman in his day, didn't he tow a barge to Alcatraz for his 50th b-day?

I got to meet and Hang out with Jack a couple of years ago. He is an amazing and amusing man.


does he still have that crazy muscle endurance?

Yes! Jack is still a total Stud! He can do those Fully extended push-ups (I don't know what they are called). It is incredible the energy this guy has.